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Sailing the Canaries

Sailing the Canaries

When visiting Canaries most people would just go to one maybe two islands. They fly in and out of the same island rarely visiting anything outside of the chosen place. Judging by the amount of souvenir shops and prices I'd say Gran Canaria and Tenerife are the two islands for that kind of tourism.

Trust me, I don't judge. The chill you can enjoy there is enormous. And you instantly absorb the philosophy of "tranquilo" and "mañana". Absolutely no need to rush or stress. I love it.

But if you're young, adventurous and you don't settle for average you gotta go visit all of the islands. It is so worth it. I do mention "young" because if you visit Canaries in the low season like we did everyone's 60+ and you better forget the word "party"!

There are mainly three ways to do island hopping in Canaries: plane, ferry and yacht. We chose the latter. Sounds luxurious and fancy to most, but it's both hard work and practicality. Think about it – you have your 4/5-star hotel and your source of transportation with you at all times. Once you arrive to a new place you park your yacht in the marina and go explore. Then you come back and sleep in your cozy room. Best. Idea. Ever.
Yeah, and how about the looks? It's more sexy than Bentley convertible. The charm, the smell, the mystery.

Now think about sustainability. If you're hugging trees you should start hugging yachts. Green-zero-emission-wind-powered-vehicle... of sort. Enough about the yachts, now to the travel.

We flew into Las Palmas, Gran Canaria and met up with our captain and the rest of the crew.
The charter company that provided us with a beautiful newly built 2016 Dufour 460 yacht is located in Maspalomas, which is the south-most part of the island. It's about 50km away from the airport and you can take a bus (more than an hour and ??? euro/person) or a taxi (30 minutes and ~40 euro/car). 

Maspalomas itself is nothing special and we didn't find anything much exciting there. A beach, a marina and a golf club. That's pretty much it.

The next morning we sailed off towards Fuerteventura and just kept island hopping covering all of them aside from El Hierro. It's the smallest and the furthest one in Canaries. But they say it's definitely worth it if you've got time.

Now, I could go on describing every day of our travel but that's gonna bore me pretty fast.
Let's do island by island and follow up with some general advice.


We parked at Morro Jable marina which is pretty scarce on anything. It's just a marina and a ferry port. There is a lousy looking restaurant and a cafe. That's it. The city is a 30 minutes walk away, so you could get a taxi. To explore the island you definitely need a car. We've split in half and rented 2 scooters and a car. 

As we're spending two days in Fuerteventura we decided to explore the south part of the island on the first day and the central and north part on the second one. Our south destination is the Viewpoint. If you take the road directly from Morro Jable you might soon find that the tarmac disappears after a very few kilometers and you are left with Australian Outback style dirt road. Which in return adds to the scenery of the island. It's almost like driving on Mars.

After a short ride you'll get to the lighthouse at the Viewpoint to a rewarding view.
My sunset was a bit spoiled by a broken scooter key. I broke it while trying to open a beer bottle. Yeah, now you're saying it is a stupid idea, but at the time it was... pretty stupid. There's no way to justify what I did, but to be completely honest the key shuttered even before I got a good grip on it. There you go – consumer advice! Do not open beer bottles with your keys.

I had to drive back, so I pushed both parts of the key inside the lock and managed to start it That cost me a hundred I left as a deposit, but at least we weren't stuck 20 miles away from the yacht at day's end.

Nevertheless, lighthouse is a great place, absolutely visit!

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