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Why Texel is a must-see

Why Texel is a must-see

It's been a couple of days of unbearable heat here in Amsterdam. A very rare and pleasant happening. So we decided to drive north. Nothing crazy, about a 100 kilometers.

You can't get to Texel by land (hence the "island", daaaah!). It's trapped between the North Sea and the Wadden Sea. So the only option is to take a ferry. Of course, there are little private planes that could fly you there, but that's not how we roll. If it's accessible by car – we're driving.

Where to go in Texel?

The best attraction of Texel is it's magnificent lighthouse. But to get to it you'll have to cross the whole island. Which took us about 30 minutes point to point.
The Eierland Lighthouse is a magnificent 152 y.o. national heritage site with it's own story full of wars, destruction and resurrection. You can peak inside for a mere 4 euros. But it's not really about the lighthouse itself. It's about everything around it and how it makes you feel.

We got right to the lighthouse by climbing over a dune and were fascinated by a sight of a huge white sand beach. And when I say "huge" I mean it. It took me 15 minutes from the moment I stepped onto the sand to get to the water.


Our attention was completely captured by the sight of the sun casually setting into the sea, this amazing beach and how the wind made streams of sand and took it somewhere to the west, the lighthouse behind us... oh, what a view, what a feeling. The wind is so strong you can't really talk, so we wandered along the beach in silence and even made some distance between each other. With all this noise and all the beauty it's a damn good formula to stay alone with yourself.


That moment is the highlight of our trip and it left this mark somewhere deep down in my soul.


Camping in Texel

After the sun melted into the sea we went back to the camping. It was a smart decision to stop for the night near the lighthouse as this is the place you want to end your day at.
As we were all starving I made a quick dinner with rice and salmon on a little gas stove we always take with us. Some nice wine was an important part of the evening and after an hour or so of talking we called it a day.

The next morning it rained a bit so we packed the tents and took off exploring the rest of the island. It was a lazy day in cafes and beaches just as every Sunday is supposed to be. We tried to ruin the chill with buggy rides, but it turned out that you can only drive them on the road and not on the beach... I was quite surprised. But I must say so was the rental lady when I asked about the beach. So we skipped the action.


What to do in Texel?

Among other activities you could possibly choose to do I'd highlight taking a little flight over the island if the skies are clear, taking a horseback ride or going to the Ecomare – the centre for nature and marine life on Texel. Well, you're most likely going to be only interested in seals, as they are adorable, so you can opt-in for a boat ride that will take you to the spots where seals are in their natural habitat. The price is the same anyways.

That's about it.

Tips for visiting Texel

Here's a little list of references:

  • Some facts on Texel are on this wiki page
  • Ferry is operated by the company called TESO and I urge you to buy tickets online, print it out, get in the right lane and skip all the waiting.
    Oh, they only charge you €37 to get on the island. The trip back is free :)
  • Camping that we stayed at is Duinpark en Camping De Robbenjager
    I would recommend it for how it's clean, conveniently situated and comfortable.
    We paid about 40 for a car, a tent and four people.
  • Some fact and history of the Eierland Lighthouse
  • For groceries there's an Albert Heijn in Den Burg and it might close at 8 or 9 pm on some days
  • Buggy rental is buggyverhuurtexel.nl
  • I would recommend visiting the local brewery Texels in Oudeschild for some beer tasting. But bear in mind that they are closed on Sundays and are only open until 6pm.

And some more pictures that didn't make it to the top of this post

Sailing the Canaries

Sailing the Canaries